Algebraic Numbers in motion


Various animations of what happens to the roots of polynomials with integer coefficients when changing each coefficient. The results are pretty.

Complex points of Weierstrass elliptic curves


with Silviana Amethyst

An elliptic curve is usually depicted as a donut or as the real points of its Weierstrass equation. These don't look related. Silviana and I explored representations of the complex points of the Weierstrass equation using computer renderings, virtual reality, and 3D prints.

Complex points of curve singularities

in progress...

Projective space in VR

A program for exploring real algebraic projective surfaces in RP^3 in room-scale virtual reality.

GitHub repository

A video

Projective curve viewer

A program for exploring algebraic curves in the real projective plane. Available under the terms of the GPL.

Windows Program

GitHub repository

Demo Video: Panning and Zooming in RP2

Demo Video: Animating Pencils of Curves



A project headed by Kate Stange with the goal of creating a suite of visualization tools for the study of integer sequences. I participated in Fall 2018-Spring 2019 and Spring 2020.



We can think of u-substitution visually as consisting of a horizontal stretch, which screws up areas, then a vertical stretch to compensate. This is a tool to see that.